Happy Paws Grooming Salon
1947 S.E. Stephens, Roseburg, OR
(541) 677-9620

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I have been grooming for over 20 years and truly love this rewarding profession.


We groom both dogs and cats,
big or small, we groom them all.

We pay attention to detail and put out results that your sure to be happy with.

We specialize in fearful dogs (some people called them "reactive").

We do our best to have a low-stress environment to create a pleasant grooming experience for your pet.


I truly love my profession and every dog that comes through the door.

April on the beach

April with her "kids" at the beach.

Coming Soon in 2019

We're excited that we will
soon be able to offer
anesthesia free
dental cleaning

In the past dental cleaning
has been expensive due to using anesthesia to keep
pets calm.

New innovative changes
have made anesthesia
no longer necessary.
Dental Cleaning

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